Payment Information

Membership Fees & Rent:

Membership Fees
Initial membership fee = $50 (good for six months)
Key fee = $25
Renewal fee = $35 (every six months)

Rental Fees
small room (massage room) = $22/hr
large room (Coming Home room) = $30/hr

If you want to schedule several hours a week on a regular schedule, talk to Travis about a possible discount.

EBHC Members schedule their own events on Google calendar. Note that we cannot allow any one member to schedule a recurring event every Friday evening, as many of our members schedule individual events and short series on Fridays. It’s too popular a time slot for one person to monopolize it.

Payment Options
1) You can Paypal Mike at the email address
2) Place a check payable to “Mike McGarry” in the payment envelope in either of the rooms.